The little things...

I haven't written a blog in ages, but I recently received a couple of messages via Facebook that really made me want to share these with you.

Both messages really made a difference on my outlook of my work. They supported the reason for me taking photos and reaffirmed what i really want to get out of them; for people to connect with my images and with the stories and subjects involved. So, if it's a portrait, I want people to gain an understanding of the subject's personality, the type of person they are, what the image stands for, etc.

So when I received both the below messages in the last few weeks, it really threw me. The fact that people took time out of their day to feedback their thoughts was overwhelming. I want to sincerely thank them both as the little things in life such as these messages mean so much and go a long way. They've made me even more determined to continue to do what I love the most.

'Your photos are not only a reminder for me of a time when I thought it important to think about my surroundings but also some of the sheer beauty light allows. Great pics mate & keep them coming you have real talent.'

'Just wanted you to know you are now inspiring youngsters and should be very proud of what you have achieved. Catch soon, P'