Mr Kendrick



In December 2013, I turned 28. An age that meant something more than any other. Firstly, I realised I lost my early twenties a while back and I was well on my way to hitting my thirties. I'm no longer classed as a youngster, I'm never going to be able to compete in the 'youth' category of Xfactor and I'm now starting to think about the future, mortgages and starting a family. However, it was also reaching the age of 28 that got me reminiscing on the past and one man in particular...Mr Kendrick.

Now, I've just written about the age of 28 as if It was a grand mature age, but in the greater schemes of a lifetime, 28 is actually no grand age at all. This was the age and lifetime of Mr Kendrick though. Prematurely taken by cancer. I try and put it into context by comparing to my own lifetime but I struggle to comprehend. So much more I want to do and achieve, but sometimes unfortunately we don't get a choice. So how is this relevant to photography? Well, a few photographs are all I have and know of this gentleman. It made me realise how important photos are because they enable us to look into another life, another generation, they allow us to create thoughts and raise questions. They also answer some questions that would otherwise be unknown.

For example, if it wasn't for the above photograph would I have known Mr Kendrick's looks and features? Would I have known if he was ever happy? Was Mr Kendrick in love? Was he a presentable gentleman? The answer is no. I wouldn't have known any of these until I came into possession of the above photograph.

So what I'm trying to say is never underestimate a photograph, what it communicates and the power it has on educating and answering the unknown.  This is one of the main reasons I love what I do and the power it possesses. As for the age 28, i look to the future, reminisce on the past and raise a glass to Mr Grandfather.