A Mountain Call

With the imminent arrival of my first photographic zine, A Mountain Call, I wanted to give a bit of background to the project and what it's all about.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 20.06.13.png

Being born and bred in the flat lands of Norfolk, I didn't come across many landscape structures during my childhood and it wasn't really until 2009 that my love of mountainous terrain started. I went on a European tour with some friends of mine who were in a band called The Boy Will Drown. We traveled across France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. But there was one moment on this tour I will never forget.

The guys had just finished a late gig in The Netherlands and the next gig on the tour was a couple of days later in Italy. We knew in order to make this we had to travel during the night. After traveling 7 hours through the night in the dark, the decision was made to stop at 5.30am to get some sleep before setting off again later that morning. I remember a few hours prior to stopping, we knew we were in Austria and winding our way through the alps, but couldn't see what was around us. I didn't sleep well and I was the first one up, so decided to go explore the area where we'd stopped. Having not seen where we had stopped, I was completely taken back by the views; 360 degree view of mountainous terrain with the freshest air my lungs had ever inhaled. It was this moment that my love for the mountains started. Their powerful visual presence and the beautiful mixture of angles and textures won me over instantly.

So in June 2014, I decided to visit somewhere closer to home (six hours to be precise!) and spent 3 days in Snowdonia National Park, Wales exploring and photographing all that I came across in the mountainous region. A Mountain Call was produced off the back of this trip.

A Mountain Call will be available for pre-order in early September 2014.