12elfthman x Ryan Mason Images - The Old Farm Derby

I recently teamed up with the awesome football website, The 12elfth Man, to document the 140th Old Farm Derby between Norwich City and Ipswich Town. One of the most famous English derbies, this encounter meant even more with both teams sitting high in the Championship table and pushing for promotion to the Premier League. I wanted to capture a timeline of events pre, post and during the game through photography, but also capture the atmosphere of the encounter. You can view the gallery here.

Whatever Will Be, Will Be



The Liverpool Fernando Torres

2013/2014 Cup Winner
League Top Goalscorer (27 Goals)
2013/2014 Manager's Player of the Year

Even after losing one of my contact lenses and being the shortest player on the pitch, I still managed to score a header that helped us win the 2013/2014 cup. That feeling of pride and bond with my team mates is something I won't ever forget.

To me football isn't just a game I play. It's my release and a way of escaping reality even if it is just for 90 minutes on a Saturday. It lets my mind recuperate from the week and all my stresses go away. When I'm playing football I'm basically free from worrying about deadlines at work or house bills, etc. The pitch is possibly the best place to be when you just need support from the lads. I'm playing with a really good bunch and I want to improve both for myself and for the team.
This year, I want to see us win the league!


The little things...

I haven't written a blog in ages, but I recently received a couple of messages via Facebook that really made me want to share these with you.

Both messages really made a difference on my outlook of my work. They supported the reason for me taking photos and reaffirmed what i really want to get out of them; for people to connect with my images and with the stories and subjects involved. So, if it's a portrait, I want people to gain an understanding of the subject's personality, the type of person they are, what the image stands for, etc.

So when I received both the below messages in the last few weeks, it really threw me. The fact that people took time out of their day to feedback their thoughts was overwhelming. I want to sincerely thank them both as the little things in life such as these messages mean so much and go a long way. They've made me even more determined to continue to do what I love the most.

'Your photos are not only a reminder for me of a time when I thought it important to think about my surroundings but also some of the sheer beauty light allows. Great pics mate & keep them coming you have real talent.'

'Just wanted you to know you are now inspiring youngsters and should be very proud of what you have achieved. Catch soon, P'


A Mountain Call

With the imminent arrival of my first photographic zine, A Mountain Call, I wanted to give a bit of background to the project and what it's all about.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 20.06.13.png

Being born and bred in the flat lands of Norfolk, I didn't come across many landscape structures during my childhood and it wasn't really until 2009 that my love of mountainous terrain started. I went on a European tour with some friends of mine who were in a band called The Boy Will Drown. We traveled across France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. But there was one moment on this tour I will never forget.

The guys had just finished a late gig in The Netherlands and the next gig on the tour was a couple of days later in Italy. We knew in order to make this we had to travel during the night. After traveling 7 hours through the night in the dark, the decision was made to stop at 5.30am to get some sleep before setting off again later that morning. I remember a few hours prior to stopping, we knew we were in Austria and winding our way through the alps, but couldn't see what was around us. I didn't sleep well and I was the first one up, so decided to go explore the area where we'd stopped. Having not seen where we had stopped, I was completely taken back by the views; 360 degree view of mountainous terrain with the freshest air my lungs had ever inhaled. It was this moment that my love for the mountains started. Their powerful visual presence and the beautiful mixture of angles and textures won me over instantly.

So in June 2014, I decided to visit somewhere closer to home (six hours to be precise!) and spent 3 days in Snowdonia National Park, Wales exploring and photographing all that I came across in the mountainous region. A Mountain Call was produced off the back of this trip.

A Mountain Call will be available for pre-order in early September 2014.

It's been a while...

I haven't written a blog in some time as I've been so busy with meetings, organising the personal project and doing shoots with new and existing clients. It's also been a month of ups and downs...unfortunately my personal project 'Whatever Will Be, Will Be' has been put back a few months. My intentions were to start with a World Cup zine, but unfortunately I was slightly over ambitious and time wasn't on my side. Also, some of the subjects I had lined up never came to fruition. But this is a project I'm really passionate about and something I'm looking to start August/September.

There have been some up's too...I've been super busy planning and carrying out shoots with a range of clients including Balloon Dog, Reality Dreams, MULK, Jane Richards Interiors and Paper Plates. I also managed to get away for a few days to explore Snowdonia National Park in Wales. Being from Norfolk, I'm used to the very flat terrain and had serious Mountain and Exploration cravings. I took some time off from my busy schedule, drove to Snowdonia and spent 3 days there capturing my adventure. Some previews can be found under the Latest Work section.

I was also very happy to receive an email from VSCO to say one of my images had been selected for their curated grid - basically collection of the finest mobile imagery on the internet. I captured this image whilst wandering in the lanes of Brighton. Anyway, back to work and I hope to share more with you soon.

If you got this far, thanks for reading!


Whatever will be, will be


I'm currently in the process of working on my new personal project titled 'Whatever will be, will be' - this project will consist of a series of zines showcasing a range of portrait, landscape and documentary style photography from the world of football. I'm starting this project in the Summer with the first zine being based around the 2014 World Cup. I will be sharing more information on this as the project progresses.

If you'd like more information or wish to help/support this project, please email hello@ryanmasonimages.com


Rural Living

I work in London during the week, but at weekends I live with my girlfriend's parents due to us trying to save for our own house. I get the best of both worlds with the buzz of the city during the week and rural living at the weekend. I've really become accustomed to the countryside and the tranquility it brings…I now prefer going out running, i've also cleaned up my bike as I hope to ride more, plus living in a secluded village gives me the chance to capture the beauty of rural landscapes and living. I got the above shot whilst exploring with the Fuji X100. This was on a country estate in Suffolk with the hall's clock tower high in the distance. 

Mr Kendrick



In December 2013, I turned 28. An age that meant something more than any other. Firstly, I realised I lost my early twenties a while back and I was well on my way to hitting my thirties. I'm no longer classed as a youngster, I'm never going to be able to compete in the 'youth' category of Xfactor and I'm now starting to think about the future, mortgages and starting a family. However, it was also reaching the age of 28 that got me reminiscing on the past and one man in particular...Mr Kendrick.

Now, I've just written about the age of 28 as if It was a grand mature age, but in the greater schemes of a lifetime, 28 is actually no grand age at all. This was the age and lifetime of Mr Kendrick though. Prematurely taken by cancer. I try and put it into context by comparing to my own lifetime but I struggle to comprehend. So much more I want to do and achieve, but sometimes unfortunately we don't get a choice. So how is this relevant to photography? Well, a few photographs are all I have and know of this gentleman. It made me realise how important photos are because they enable us to look into another life, another generation, they allow us to create thoughts and raise questions. They also answer some questions that would otherwise be unknown.

For example, if it wasn't for the above photograph would I have known Mr Kendrick's looks and features? Would I have known if he was ever happy? Was Mr Kendrick in love? Was he a presentable gentleman? The answer is no. I wouldn't have known any of these until I came into possession of the above photograph.

So what I'm trying to say is never underestimate a photograph, what it communicates and the power it has on educating and answering the unknown.  This is one of the main reasons I love what I do and the power it possesses. As for the age 28, i look to the future, reminisce on the past and raise a glass to Mr Kendrick...my Grandfather.